multidisciplinary artist

Sasha, a woman of Malyangapa and Barkindji descent, has a deep passion for art and dance, and she thrives on creativity. With extensive experience across various formats, from performance to visual art, Sasha has showcased her talents as a Visual Designer for theatre productions, public video art installations, a choreographer/performer, and traveling art exhibitions both in Australia and internationally.

Eager to further her solo practice as a multidisciplinary artist, Sasha reignited her art journey through fine art classes at Art School Co. She has since dedicated herself to creating original pieces of artwork ranging from textiles to visual and installation works. Renowned for her documentary filmmaking and photographic skills, Sasha is celebrated for her visual storytelling techniques.

As she advances her career, Sasha is committed to exploring new techniques and creating larger works. She has pursued professional development in preparing works for exhibitions and is allocating time to artist residencies to hone her skillset and dive deep into new techniques. Developing advanced methods in the use of natural materials, she seamlessly integrates these elements into her artworks to create pieces that are both innovative and environmentally conscious.

Her current goal is to produce a solo exhibition featuring a series of colour studies inspired by her travels across four countries, titled “Four Corners,” named after a local bush food in her region.



Farm studio India

Artist in residence

In India, I initiated an in-depth study focused on the colours that define a place and are intrinsically linked to its culture. This project involved several methodologies: using documentary-style photography to capture the essence of the environment, creating natural dye baths with local fabrics and plants, and employing gouache and watercolour paints to meticulously colour match the surrounding hues.

My goal is to extend this study to four different countries, each offering a unique palette influenced by its geography, traditions, and daily life. By immersing myself in diverse cultural contexts, I intend to gather a rich collection of color data that reflects the essence of each place. The culmination of this project will be an exhibition that presents a comparative analysis of the colors from these regions, highlighting both their distinctiveness and commonalities.

This exhibition aims to provide viewers with an immersive experience, inviting them to explore how color can convey a sense of place and cultural significance. By showcasing the results of my study, I hope to foster a deeper appreciation for the intricate relationship between color, culture, and environment.

December 2022 – August 2024

Capricorn – La Boite Theatre

Visual designer

I was responsible for creating all of the video content for the play Capricorn. This involved producing both scripted segments and more interruptive pieces, such as “memories through a window.” Each video was filmed and edited in a stylized format to seamlessly integrate with the play’s visual and narrative elements.

These video pieces were incorporated into the production through projections and a TV screen placed strategically on and around the stage, enhancing the overall atmosphere and storytelling of the performance.

November 2022

Project 24

Artist in residence

In the studio, I conducted an intensive study on the interplay of light. Collaborating with talent, I explored techniques such as light painting, gobos, and projectors to understand the diverse ways in which light can influence and enhance a narrative.

This endeavour involved a fusion of video and photography, allowing me to craft a series of artworks that creatively manipulate both natural and artificial light. Through experimentation and innovation, I aimed to capture the dynamic relationship between light and storytelling, resulting in visually captivating pieces that evoke emotion and intrigue.



University of the Sunshine Coast

Bachelor of Creative Industries
Major in screen media
Minor in digital photographic practice and creative writing

2020 – present

Art School Co

Fine art classes
Studying various styles, mediums and methods of visual art through term based practices.


The Path

Professional development program
A four month professional development program taking a deep dive into how to create an exhibition and objectively view artworks.
In this program I started to look into how to create more multimedia pieces of exhibition and pitched a piece looking at the uses of Ocher in Australia.


Carbon dating touring exhibition 2024 – 2025

Video documentary format piece touring as a part of a group exhibition that evolved from a cultural/science study around kangaroo grasses in various locations across Queensland.

  • Dogwood Crossing at Miles, 23 March – 11 May 2024
  •  6th Art and Science International Exhibition, Dec 30th, 2023—Mar 31st, 2024. National Communication Center for Science and Technology, No. 3 Beichen East Rd, Beijing, China.
  • Warwick Art Gallery, 13 June – 13 July 2024
  • Redland Art Gallery, 11 August – 29 September 2024
  • Caloundra Regional Gallery, 18 October – 8 December 2024
  • Tableland Regional Gallery, Atherton, Jan-Feb 2025
  • QANTAS Founders Museum, Longreach, 15 March – 15 June 2025
  • Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery, 18 July – 7 September 2025

Farm Studio artist talk 2023

Overview of work and work in progress

SONDER NAIDOC group exhibition 2023

Ceremony piece (Photo printed on canvas)

Art School Co student exhibition 2023

Flower (coloured pencil on paper)

The Valley 2022

Video installation piece projected onto the Judith Wrights Arts building in Brisbane city


Touring 2022 – 2023 at Lantana space gallery – Sunshine Coast, Photo access gallery – Canberra and Discovery centre – Harrow – WE ARE ONE & The First XI (documentary style video art installation with collaborative soundscape)

Art School Co student exhibition 2021

Holding hands (Oils on canvas)